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Barbeque, Barbecue, bbq

Papa Jackson Catering → Casa Grande, Arizona

122 E Cottonwood Ln #D
Casa Grande, Arizona 85122

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Our whole purpose in life is just to make you happy! And as we always say... TASTE IT, LOVE IT...

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BBQ, barbeque, barbecue, or bar-b-q? How you spell it doesn't really matter. All these terms are derived from the Spanish word "Barbacoa." This ancient process involved the process of cooking meats in large pits of smoldering coals. To this day traditional southern smoker BBQ cookers are referred to as "pits" , true to their ancient past.
The slow smoking aspect of BBQ came from the German and Eastern European immigrants that settled through the south in the 1800's. Butchers and meat purveyors from the old country brought with them the skill of slow cooking traditionally inexpensive and tough cuts of meat rendering them tender and tasty.
BBQ is regional cuisine. County by county, state bye state, there are significant differences between meats and sauces. In the Carolina, and through the east coast, pork is all the rage with sauces based in vinegar, mustard, or tomato.
As with so many cuisines, the boundaries of regional BBQ have become blurred. Fusion of sauces and ingredients from different cultures and regions are contributing to the evolution of traditional bbq into a balanced and interesting cooking style. Kansas City has such an unique blend of flavors that it is labeled as some to the best BBQ in the world.
At, our legendary BBQ, along with impeccable service and renowned reliability has our repeat catering customers labeling us as all-around "BBQ Excellence". Going the extra mile to ensure that you are completely satisfied is the foundation of what our company was built on. If you are not a repeat customer, you will soon see our reputation out in full force! There's a reason why we have been know in AZ and WA as putting the BBQ experience at an exceptional level.

Phoenix Premier BBQ Catering Specialists.

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