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bonsai and wire trees

Bonsai and Wire Tree Sculptures → Ohio, Illinois

PO Box 827
Ohio, Illinois 45150

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Unique beaded and wire tree sculpture

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The inspiration for creating my sculpture grew from a lifetime love of trees. I am in awe of the stately presence and silent majesty they posses. I find the structure of trees to be one of the perfections in nature. With their roots embracing the earth; in winter they show their bones, in spring gentle buds, in summer a canopy of green and in fall a magical kaleidoscope of colors. Beauty, pure beauty.<br><br>SHIPPING INFORMATION... <br>HOW I SHIP MY WIRE TREE SCULPTURE<br>The way I ship my tree sculpture is by using a andquot;box within a boxandquot;. For example, if the sculpture is 8andquot; x 8andquot; x 8andquot;, I wire the tree onto the inside bottom of a box that is a least 10andquot; x 10andquot; x 10andquot;. The tree sculpture is secured into the center on the bottom of this inner box so that none of the branches ever touch any of the sides or inside top of this box. The inner box is then sealed and put into another larger outer box and bubble wrap is placed around the sides, top and bottom of the box with the tree sculpture in it. I have been told by some of my customers that boxes have arrived upside down and battered, however, due to the cushioning around all the sides of the inner box, the sculpture arrives safe and sound. I have shipped thousands of tree sculptures of all sizes, as far away as Japan and India, and I have never had any problems or any sculpture returned or damaged. Insurance for each tree sculpture is included in the shipping costs. Thank you for your interest in my work.

Wire Bonsai and Beaded Tree Sculpture by Sal VillanoUnique wire sculpture of Bonsai and Beaded trees and many other types of metal and wire sculpture. Plus, "How to create wire and beaded trees" instruction book...This book offers complete, fully illustrated, step by step instructions showing how to create wire and beaded tree sculptures. Written and illustrated by Sal Villano, this 76 page (6" x 9") easy to read instruction book guides you step by step from the beginning stages through completion. Within the book are listed all the material and tools needed. After completing the simple techniques, you will be able to create 5 very different types of trees; Wind Swept, Weeping Willow, Beaded, Oak and Bonsai with Leaves trees. You can then use the basic techniques to create larger and different wire trees. You can see these and many other tree sculptures I have created on my web site at "I have sold thousands of my books, and I'm very happy to say I have received many very nice reviews and comments." For ages 10 and up.

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