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Buff and Coat, Buff and Screening, Recoating Hardwood floors → Rockford, Tennessee

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Rockford, Tennessee 37853

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Buff and Recoat "Bringing Life Back To Hardwood Floors"

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Question ...."What is a Buff and ReCoat or Screening"?

Answer: Buffing and Coating or Screening or Recoating for hardwood floors is a cost effective, cleaner and faster method of fixing or bringing back to life worn or dull floors. Instead of paying for a complete refinishing (which can cost starting at $2.65 and up) floors can be brought back to life for a fraction of that cost.

How much does it cost?

What makes Buffing and Coating or Screening extremely attractive is the cost. The cost for either the Dustless Process or the Mechanical Process (or a combination of the two in some cases) starts as low as -$1.40 per sq ft!!!

How Does It Work?

Buffing and Coating or Screening or Recoating involves (Chemically or Mechanically) abrading the old finish on the existing floor making it compatible for applying another layer of new finish, whether it be a Water based finish or an Oil based finish. Minor surface scratches and marring from moving furniture can be removed or considerably diminished.

How Long Does It Take?

New water and oil based finishes will take the same amount of time to apply, with the oil based polyurethane taking longer to dry and cure. Time involved for a 400 square foot, square room with furniture removed and ready to go will take approximately three hours.

Bringing Life Back To Hardwood Floors

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