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Carpet Cleaning in Stamford CT

Carpet Cleaning Stamford → Stamford, Connecticut

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680 Main St Ste 140
Stamford, Connecticut 06901


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Stamford Carpet Cleaning is your complete solution to full home cleaning. Imagine coming home from fun-filled afternoon out with the kids to a lustrous and polished home. Look down at the floor to see your once disgusting carpets a full five shades brighter. Glance out the window that you can actually see through. Walk into the bathroom to notice the tile grime is gone – you won’t be missing that. Imagine that new home feeling with a fraction of the price than the competition.

Our Affordable, Reliable and Professional Services include:

Carpet Cleaning – Do you have a kid on the way? If so, your kid’s safety use our eco-friendly carpet cleaning, shampoo, and stain removal service.

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Carpet Cleaning in Stamford CT

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We're the only Carpet Cleaning Company in Stamford that offers 100% organic, eco-friendly and environmentally safe cleaning solutions. Our organic cleaning solution will take care of every nook and cranny of your home. From your upholstery, sofa, couches, to your tile, hardwood floors and windows we'll make them look new again!