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Computer Repair for Homes and Businesses

PC IT BACK TOGETHER → Big Bend, Wisconsin

S88W22755 Marianne Avenue
Big Bend, Wisconsin 53103

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Computer Problems? Remain Sane... We Fix the Pain!

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Computer Problems? You finally have your own technician at your service! You might do this yourself or use another company, just asking you to see why we say Compare our Services

The top 5 items would be: Computer Repair, Virus Removal, Backup/Power Issues, Server Support, and Configuration/Performance modifications.

People pay over $100/hour on computer support or they even go to the Geek Squad and pay over $150/hour. Some companies make you sign 6-month contracts or pay each month. Like our slogan says "Remain Sane... We Fix the Pain!"

Check our website for FREE Advice and Tips. We offer free computer help on programs, websites, and more.

We also have valuable business links which can be found in the Business Link tab. We also do Computer Tech Blogging on Muskego Patch and on LinkedIn as well.


We look at all aspects of your computer, we are able to make sure your system is up to date and running at full capacity

We install tools that will help your machine run properly and automatically

We do give a lot of recommendations on a variety of desktops and laptops

It depends on your budget, but if you are not sure, give us a call and we can help meet your needs.If you get a new machine, we can customize and install updates and other programs which would be about an hour of labor and save you time and headaches!

Since 2002, we have been helping Homes and Businesses save money. Check out the brochure or our website today!

If you use LinkedIn - Lets connect and trying to be SE Wisconsin's best place to call for Computer problems.

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