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Criminal Lawyers Columbia SC

Deborah Barbier Attorney at Law → Columbia, South Carolina

Address Deborah Barbier Attorney at Law

1811 Pickens Street
Columbia, South Carolina 29201


Experienced Former Federal Prosecutor

Barbier has litigated some of the most high profile, noteworthy and complex federal cases in South Carolina’s recent history. She has received numerous awards from a wide array of entities and has appeared on numerous local and national news programs, including CNBC’s American Greed.

As a defense lawyer, Barbier puts her vast experience to work with you or your company. She has the experience you need because in the courtroom there is no better advantage than having been on the other side.

Using her vast experience, Barbier can help clients under criminal investigation and her involvement at the early stages of an investigation can be critical. Barbier can investigate the facts surrounding the allegations and provide you with sound advice

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Criminal Lawyers Columbia SC

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