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Honest Employment Lawyer

Robert Odell → Beverly Hills, California

Address Robert Odell

9595 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 900,
Beverly Hills, California 90212

(323) 405-3900

An Honest Employment Lawyer

This law office represents people who have been fired in a variety of ways. The below list is a short description of each area.

Wrongful termination - If you’ve been fired from your job and your gut is telling you that your dismissal was illegal, you may have been wrongfully terminated. But this is a tricky area of law and you need to consult with a professional.

Discrimination - Discrimination is still very common. California’s main anti-discrimination law, the FEHA, protects employees far more than the Federal anti-discrimination law, Title VII.

Harassment - Employers are required to prevent sexual harassment if they know that it is occurring. CA employers are automatically liable if a supervisor is the one who harasses you.

Retaliation - Retaliation is an area of law that protects employees when an employee opposes unlawful things at work.

Whistleblower - CA has several powerful whistleblower statutes and laws. If you’ve complained to a public agency or your supervisor about illegal conduct, and then got fired, you should contact a lawyer.

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Honest Employment Lawyer

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