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Murtha Solutions, LLC → Ellisville, Missouri

10 Strecker Rd Ste 1620
Ellisville, Missouri 63011

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Providing everyday solutions to life's problems!

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Murtha Solutions, LLC has been in business since 2013, and though we are a young company, we have grown above and beyond the expectations of our fellow competitors. The reason isn’t because we offer the best price for our impeccable services, or our value in being detail oriented, hardworking, and reliable. It has all been because of our drive to ensure that our customer’s satisfaction is prioritized. Not simply by stating their importance, but by proving our words with actions, and ensuring that you are always satisfied with our services. Murtha Solutions was built on innovation and lives in the future. Whether it be in Technology or Home improvement, Murtha Solutions is your solution. Eliminate the guessing and let our talented professionals give you the best possible solution without breaking your wallet and peace of mind having the same level of consistent quality day in and day out. Welcome to Murtha Solutions a company with a passion for creativity naturally creating unique and innovative solutions for everyday life, a genuine focus on the community, and a personal commitment to stand by our ideals.

Murtha Solutions consists of three divisions simultaneously working together for parallel innovation with every division working as one entity instead of making each division a subsidiary. Murtha solutions is a fairly new company that was started with the idea that through innovation, creativity, efficiency, automation, top talent, best-practice, unique comprehensive processes, and fragmented phased careful strategic planning it is possible to be a jack of all trades. Murtha Solutions is rapidly growing and continues to reinvent the wheel with over 80 pending patents soon to be unveiled.

Murtha Solutions has three divisions are the Technology Division, The Real Estate Division, and the Global Sales Division. Each of these divisions were intertwined like wiring to build a sturdy, efficient, and completely automated infrastructure with a foundation to be able to support massive growth achieved after two years of straight planning before becoming operational without taking out any loans, securing investors, and maintaing 100% ownership.

Murtha Solutions has an intense passion for customer satisfaction and personal relationships with clients to maintain healthy recurring work while maintaining consistent quality to offer our customers peace of mind even at the point of taking a loss. We want to maintain your satisfaction and keep you smiling throughout the entire process from start to finish. Since our company is automated we can do more with less employees naturally driving us to very high standards in our hiring process to obtain and maintain top talent. We offer unique and generous benefits and incentives to our staff who naturally enjoy doing their best at all times which allows us to better serve you. Every job we accomplish adds more established innovation allowing us to even better serve you the next time!

"Murtha Solutions" is your partner for Innovative Solutions to Life's Problems!

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