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Koi Pond & Water Garden Specialists: Construction, Cleaning, Repairs

Landvista Aquascapes LLC → Berlin, New Jersey

204 White Horse Pike Atco
Berlin, New Jersey 08004

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Our passion is your paradise!

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At Landvista Aquascapes, we dream-up and install beautifully crafted, naturalistic, low maintenance water features of all sizes. From waterfalls cascading into ponds filled with koi and water lilies, to babbling brooks and streams surrounded by aquatic plants, bogs and wetlands, to rainwater harvesting systems (RainXchange™).

Our work is inspired by the wonder, intrigue, and magnificence of the natural world around us here in South Jersey. These days, however, due to longer working hours and busier schedules, few of us are blessed with the opportunity to venture out and enjoy these natural wonders, especially if we live near the city.

Our top priority is the health and well-being of your fish and any wildlife that uses your pond. Whenever we clean a pond or perform any regular maintenance, we shall take the utmost care with your fish. This includes testing the water parameters on both the existing pondwater and the fresh water from the hose that will be used to top it off. We reuse as much of the existing water as possible to avoid shocking the fish with a sudden change in their environment.
Our technicians are trained by one of the top koi vets in the country to practice the safest fish-handling techniques, to recognize the signs of fish distress and disease, along with how to treat/prevent such problems.

We love animals; they're a big part of our lifestyle. The outdoor-living lifestyle emphasizes a marriage of domestic comforts with the great outdoors. This often means creating a space in your backyard where you can relax and feel immersed in nature, perhaps with a grill and outdoor kitchen and some comfy seating where you can entertain guests.

We love to create the perfect interactive space in your yard where you can feel the stresses rinse away as you behold the dance of sunlight on gently-moving water.
...Picture yourself in your favorite seat, basking in the sun as a school of glittering fish swim up to you and feed from your hand. Meanwhile, wild frogs sit on a warm rock awaiting their next meal as dragonflies zip thru the air and land on the tip of a flower. A place where you can literally watch the lily buds opening as you have breakfast, smell their full blooms during lunch, and watch the flowers closing up as you're preparing dinner...
These simple pleasures are the glue that connects all the other moments of our lives, and introducing people to this joy is why we're in business!

Pond Contractor serving Camden, Burlington, & Gloucester NJ with a pond supply shop in Atco, NJ.

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