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Montessori School of Alexandria

Montessori School of Alexandria → Alexandria, Virginia

6300 Florence Lane
Alexandria, Virginia 22310

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(703) 960-3498

We are a Montessori school located in Alexandria Virginia!

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Montessori School of Alexandria (MSA) was founded September 8, 1970 with the following mission in mind:

The purpose of MSA is to provide an early education program in which the foundation for a lifetime of creative learning is developed effectively and efficiently in the child. More specifically, MSA strives to develop within the school, a learning environment which surrounds the child with maximum motivation and opportunities to learn and achieve in directions consistent with his or her individual level of maturation.

MSA offers both Primary and Elementary Montessori Education. In addition, we offer an Extended Care Program for MSA students, Extracurricular Activities, Summer Camp. Please explore our site to learn more about our Montessori school. We invite you to schedule a tour of MSA so we can meet you and your child.

The age span of 3 to 6 roughly corresponds to one of the child’s natural stages of development. As the child works in a group of children of various ages, abilities, cultures, and interests, the child acquires emotional growth, as well as intellectual progress. MSA provides an environment in which the child may freely develop an inquisitive mind and the social attitudes necessary for a wholesome life. Each child follows his individual program and progresses at his own pace.

Children from 3 through 6 years of age work together during the morning session (9am through 12noon). Children 5 years of age through 6 years of age remain in the classroom and work until 3pm. This is the kindergarten year when the child’s acquired knowledge comes into full fruition.

The instructional materials and equipment provide the core of the child’s learning program. The materials are scientifically designed aids, placed on low shelves, within easy reach. The child is encouraged to use the materials according to his interests.

Emphasis on practical life and sensorial exercises is an integral activity, designed to take advantage of the young child’s unique talent to develop his own capabilities. The child learns to respect the feelings and ideas of others, sharing in work and play.

Special materials enable the child to learn to care for himself. Lessons in courtesy give him confidence to deal with everyday situations. Through its enriched curriculum – language, mathematics, science, history, geography, music, and art – the school provides “a preparation for life.”

The environment presented in the Montessori elementary program helps build a strong mind, as well as good character, responsibility, and respect toward others, while instilling in the child the joy and freedom of learning. The learning process stimulates the child’s mind and creates order within it. This is achieved by letting the child master exercises concretely and then build toward the abstract concept of ideas and exercises.

The teacher’s role is to acknowledge the child’s interest and develop it. For this purpose, the teacher is the link between the child and the material. Through repetitive use of the material, the child achieves perfection in its use and therefore reaches the goals for which it was designed. Thus, the child acquires independence, self-control, accuracy, mental order, enrichment of imagination, and love for work.

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