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Mystical Empress Psychic and Astrologer in Denver, Colorado

Mystical Empress → Arvada, Colorado

6002 Field St
Arvada, Colorado 80004

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(720) 900-9727

What Do You Dream

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Astrology Personality Chart:
This psychically derived 10-15 page report is specifically tailored for the individual who wants to know more about his/her life. Each chart is examined both intuitively and logically to interpret: early foundational beliefs, natural talents, soul purpose lessons, past life tendencies, inhibiting blocks, focal energy points, and discusses optimal career and partnership choices. Recommendations are made to help quantum shift blocked energy. $220.

Astrology Relationship Chart(Synastry/Composite):
When two people are in a relationship, their two astrology natal charts combine to create a third relationship chart. This relationship chart reflects the couple's signature style, their harmonious and discordant areas, and the energy focus of the relationship. During the interpretation, guidance is offered on how to co-create around disharmony and blossom into a fully connected vortex relationship. Channeled interpretations are typed into a 10-15 page report. $325.

Quantum Feng Shui Consultation
for Home, Landscape And Business
In the Quantum Feng Shui consultation, we review your home, landscape or business environment to analyze your 5 element dynamics and Bagua Map configuration. The primary goal is to remedy energetic imbalances, (elemental destructive cycle, furniture misplacement, external structural intrusions, street location, floor plan imperfections, symbolic misrepresentations), so as to bring your environment into alignment with the natural flow of Chi'; thus, we create the ideal energy flow to manifest your heart's desires. Feng Shui Enhancements, (cures), are recommended to further initiate positive change. This consultation can be performed in person or via Skype or Facetime. Typical consultations range between 2-3 hours, $100 deposit, balance of consultation due on completion.

Mystical Empress Specializes in Astrology Readings, Astrology Charts, Tarot Card Readings, Feng Shu

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