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Oom Yung Doe

Washington, Arkansas

14310 NE 20th St
Washington, Arkansas 98007

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8 Martial Arts Taught as One

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The practice of Oom Yung Doe develops the mind and body far beyond typical exercise routines. Where typical exercise emphasizes mindless repetition that can wear on the joints and lead to injury and imbalanced development, students of Oom Yung Doe practice a variety of forms and movement that challenge all aspects of their condition. Through these forms students build strength, flexibility, coordination, agility, speed, control, fluidity and power by building their overall skill and ability. Oom Yund Doe teaches how to defend against punches, kicks, grabs, take-downs and multiple attackers. Instructors are Nationally Certified with up to 30 years experience. Oom Yung Doe is balanced for all ages and conditions.

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