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Pest Control Columbus OH

Greenix Pest Control → Ohio, Illinois

4635 Oracle Ln
Ohio, Illinois 43026

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Greener is Better

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Most of our customers like that we do Interior Organic Treatments and Offer 100% Money Back Guarantees. Each time we treat a customers home, we sweep down all cob webs to eliminate Spiders and all wasps nests and Mud Daubers. We apply a barrier all the way around the foundation and granulate the mulch beds and grass, this protects the home from the outside, keeping the bugs and insects where they belong. We offer 100.00 of our initial service for those that choose our Guaranteed Integrated Pest Management Program.

Greenix Pest Control is a private company that believes in protecting homes and families from unwanted pests by using Organic Pest Control Solutions. We care about the saftey of our products and application techniques. We believe it's important to use natural control methods to remove pests from homes, not only is this safer for families, it's also safer for the environment. Greener is Better. Happy and long lasting employees create happy and long lasting clients. This is why Greenix only hires the highest quality technitions and office staff, and we only promote from within. Much of our profits are reinvested into our employees. Our people know we care about them, and this "care" is passed on in their work.

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