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Reno Tree Service

Reno Tree Care Service → Reno, Nevada

10640 N. McCarran Blvd. Apt. B212
Reno, Nevada 89503

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Reno's Most Trusted Tree Service!

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Reno Tree Care Service is the most trusted tree service and maintenance business serving areas of the city of Reno, Sparks, and Carson City! Does your property need tree or lawn care? Why go through the laborious and time-consuming process of maintaining your landscape when you can pay a professional arborist to do it for you in a proper, safe, quick manner?

Our Services Include:
1. Scheduled Maintenance
2. Tree Health
3. Installation
4. Trimming
5. Stump Grinding
6. Removal
7. Pruning
8. Deep Root Fertilizing
9. Mulching
10. Pest/Disease Control
11. Planting
12. Soil Composting/Aeration
13. Cultivation

Our valued homeowners thoroughly respect our personalized attention that we give to every customer from the beginning to the end of our services. Our expertise dealing with local regulations and our fast response to all contractors is much-appreciated as well. By having a knowledgeable professional staff as well as our professional crew, all landscapers and property managers will definitely be satisfied with any and all work that will be completed by us at Reno Tree Care Service.

Our entire tree care service provides specific solutions for your particular tree care needs. We do not just give you a standard sales package, we guarantee our work and the most comprehensive tree care service at a competitive price.

Do you want your landscape to look its best as soon as spring buds? We know the secret and that is to care for your trees and plants during the dormant season. On top of looking good, tending to your trees and landscape definitely increases your home’s curb appearance. We know that spring is usually the most popular time in regards to selling residential homes, so having a beautiful landscaped home will only add to your home’s appeal. Any outdoor space is what buyers will see, important to have a beautiful first impression for those buyers.

A polished landscape makes for a faster sell. Having a well-manicured landscape will increase your home value by up to 28%, stated by our leading landscape economists. In addition, a gorgeous yard will shorten a property’s time on the market up to 15%.

Our tree experts will not only get the job done but also educate you on maintaining your landscape the right way. Visit us at or simple call us today for a quote at 775-430-4115!

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