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The Only Liquid EPDM Rubber in the World!

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Fix your roof the first time with the only Liquid EPDM rubber in the world. over a 25 YEAR History of success. Free Shipping. Applies to virtually any surface without a primerandlt;brandgt;andlt;brandgt;When looking for a long-term roof solution, you need to compare apples to apples. The only liquid EPDM in the world!Liquid EPDM is a one-coat application. There are no primers needed, and when you begin adding up the cost of other systems that require primers and multiple coats, you are in many cases exceeding the cost of liquid EPDM and have an inferior sealant on your roof. Why add unnecessary weight to a roof by using multiple-coat systems? Cut your time and/or labor costs in half with a one-coat system. Liquid EPDM has a very thick honey-like consistency and a slow cure time. This is one of the biggest benefits of the product! During the cure process, you will see bubbles resembling those created when you cook a pancake. This is the trapped air from underneath being forced to the surface. Many other products retain this trapped air, giving way to future cracks and unstable coating.

Fix roof leaks once with Liquid Rubber. The only Liquid EPDM rubber in the world. Proudly made in the U.S.A. This one coat application saves you time and money. Free shipping within continental U.S. Over a 25 year history of success. The benefits of Liquid EPDM Rubber. and#226;and#128;and#162;Liquid Roof is nearly identical chemically to sheet EPDM, but with the distinct advantage of being a liquid. It is self-adhering and seamless.and#226;and#128;and#162;Takes temperatures of minus 40 to 300 F.and#226;and#128;and#162;Can be applied 3 times thicker than elastomerics.and#226;and#128;and#162;One-coat application, with no primer, top coat or multiple coats needed.and#226;and#128;and#162;Easy application; a true do-it-yourself product.and#226;and#128;and#162;Waterproofs immediately upon application and will take ponding water 365 days a year.and#226;and#128;and#162;Will seal leaks, reduce heat buildup and rain noise, and considerably extend service life.and#226;and#128;and#162;Liquid EPDM has proven itself superior to acrylics, urethanes and other elastomers, holding up for up to THREE TIMES LONGER.and#226;and#128;and#162; EPDM rubber goes on virtually all surfaces. and#226;and#128;and#162;As a liquid, it can conform to any shape of roof, flashing or protrusion, vertical or horizontal. It cures by chemical reaction to form a self-adhering, seamless membrane.and#226;and#128;and#162;Liquid EPDM forms a 100% seamless membrane.The unique properties of EPDM rubber make it a versatile maintenance and repair product, and its uses are limitless.When looking for a long-term roof solution, you need to compare apples to apples. Liquid EPDM is a one-coat appl

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