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Self Defense in San Antoinio

Frontline Combatives, LLC → Converse, Texas

Greater San Antonio Area
Converse, Texas 78109

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Don't just survive...THRIVE!!!℠

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The value I bring to you, the prospective client, is that you will be receiving instruction from someone who has been in life-threatening situations, and has been forced to use the same skills I will be teaching to you, and a price scale that will be affordable!
Your first session if always FREE. The first 3 months' rate is $35 per private session. Group/Semi-private sessions are available. See my official page to find further information.

Understand that you should be seeking an instructor providing instruction in Self Defense, not to make yourself feel good or just attain belts...if you are looking to pursue that, might I recommend a personal trainer or a Tae Kwon Do studio instead. You have found someone who has TRUE hands-on experience with his/her art/system, not just years attaining belts in a safe/closed environment. You will receive a better return on your investment in the long run, so it is worth it to study with me!

I understand the ramping up of adrenaline, the loss of fine motor skills during a violent event, and I know what it feels like afterward. I can attest that being in a 3ft x 6 ft sallie-port with an aggressive terrorist detainee can test your skills to the edge of sanity. I walked away...he did not. I have proven my skillset in these kinds of situations. Reality! I will train you to do the same.

Modular Self Defense System enabling clients to learn quickly and retain easliy.

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