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Shark Kage™ - ATV & Motorcycle Loading Ramps

Shark Kage - Zappbox → Las Vegas, Nevada

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6770 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119


Shark Kage - The Multifunctional Ramp

Well, this truck ramp is the only pickup truck accessory you would ever need when you go dirt biking, quadding, driving your atv or doing other outdoor stuff. And the beauty of it is it's not just a ramp, it transforms to 5 different uses.

Aside from using the Shark Kage as a ramp, you can use it as a bed extender, a work table, a cargo box and a cargo cover. But we have realized that it can be more than just those uses.

To learn more about the Shark Kage and why several people use it, including Motocross legend, Chuck Sun, visit our website or CALL US at 702.982.1400

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Shark Kage™ - ATV & Motorcycle Loading Ramps

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The Shark Kage is the first MULTIFUNCTIONAL RAMP for your pickup truck that attaches securely to your tailgate and is the better choice for loading motorcycles, ATV’s, and more. It is the ultimate pickup truck accessory that can transform to 5 different functions. It's the ultimate truck accessory!

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