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swine flu

Computer Cleaning Usa → Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida 32822

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How Dirty is Your Computer

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$25.00 per computer<br>$4.95 per telephone<br>$4.95 per calculator and $14.95 for a printer.

We specialize in the Professional Cleaning and Sanitizing of the exterior of all your sensitive office equipment. This includes (but is certainly not limited to) keyboards, monitors, CPU's, copy machines, fax machines, phones, money counters, calculators, cash registers, ATM's, diagnostic equipment, and cellular phones. Most people are truly afraid to clean these machines, and with good reason. They're afraid they'll Damage the equipment, if they try to clean it.

Your Janitorial Service is not cleaning your equipment... They would rather clean a bomb than a computer or data terminal. It's just too risky for them because they are not trained to perform this service.

Your Computer Technicians, Copier Maintenance Technicians and IT Professionals are not cleaning your equipment... they just don't have time nor the inclination to clean the outside or inside of your equipment.

Have a look at your equipment. If YOU can see that it's dirty, don't you think your customers, clients and staff can? We will quickly restore all your electronic equipment and will not damage any of it.

Walk into your local retailer, doctorsand#146; office, auto repair shop, bank, manufacturer, Government offices, Hospitals.

What do they all have in common?
They all have computers, monitors, printers, fax machines, telephones, Credit card machines, cash registers. How many different people have used them today.

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