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tile and stone cleaning restortion

captain marble → Los Angeles, California

9107 wilshire blvd suite 450
Los Angeles, California 90210

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Captain Marble has gained a reputation for delivering impeccable service and quality at the best price. We have experience restoring marble, terrazzo, granite and limestone to their natural shine throughout Los Angeles and Orange County and surrounding areas. Weand#226;and#128;and#153;re dedicated to meeting and exceeding customer expectations in the commercial and residential sectors. <br> <br>Captain Marble specializes in marble, granite, and tile care, marble cleaning, marble polishing, marble restoration, marble honing, marble repair, granite restoration, granite polishing, granite cleaning, travertine polishing, tile cleaning, tile repair, tile restoration, grout cleaning, grout sealing, and grout staining. Captain Marble has been in business for many years prov

With its elegant finish, marble is a magnificent choice of stone that exudes warmth and prestige. The finest homes, hotels and buildings in Beverly Hills enjoy the richness of marble on their floors, counters and vanities.
Yet many worry about how to care for their marble. Marble care is an art that has been honed over centuries. Marble Restoration, marble cleaning, marble polishing, and marble maintenance are top priorities for owners of marble. Itand#226;and#128;and#153;s important not to let your marble go too long between your regular marble maintenance.Marble requires a special touch. If you have a marble floor, itand#226;and#128;and#153;s important that you polish the marble so that it is safe and slip-resistant. There are ways to get a highly polished marble floor and hav

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