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TMJ Treatment + Relief Dentist Virginia

TMJ Dentist Migraine Treatment and Relief Center of Virginia → Virginia, Illinois

25505 Riding Plaza
Virginia, Illinois 20152

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The TMJ Treatment center of Virginia provides relief

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Dr. Stepehen Sulzbach has opened the TMJ Treatment and Relief Center of South Riding Virginia and is now accepting new patients.Dr. Stephen Sulzbach DMD is a general dentist providing aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry with a focus on TMD therapy. Dr. Sulzbach treats his patients with compassion and skill, taking care to listen to their individual concerns and providing them with a comprehensive approach to their care that includes specific customized solutions utilizing the very best that modern dentistry has to offer. Dr. Sulzbach provides options whenever possible and his guests are asked what they want, not told what they need. In addition to general family dentistry, Dr. Sulzbach has extensive training and experience in comprehensive aesthetic dentistry (including Invisalign, veneers, and smile makeovers) and neuromuscular dentistry (including TMJ treatment, pain relief, and full mouth reconstruction).What is TMJ?Temporomandibular joint disorder (also known as TMJ) is a chronic degenerative disease that may take years to develop. People who suffer from TMJ have a structural imbalance in their jaw-to-skull relationship that is caused by poor bite. This condition puts excessive pressure on the joints and surrounding tissues, twisting the jaw into an unnatural position. Often, a popping of clicking sound can actually be heard when a TMJ sufferer chews. Muscles in the face, back, neck, and shoulders may also be affected, leading to symptoms that range from he

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