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Look elsewhere ...,

) By: Anonymous  / 11-30-2010 07:00PM (id 801)

Look elsewhere if you want a doctor who listens to what works for you and your body and who cares about you. Ever since Jackie Ritter left this practice I have yet to find one doctor here who cares about what I want as the patient/customer. Unfortunately I continued and stuck with them after Jackie left and I regret that decision. Also, donand#226;and#128;and#153;t bother calling in to the nurseand#226;and#128;and#153;s triage since it might as well not even exist. I called with an issue at 9:30 am on a Tuesday and even after persistently calling them the entire day and listening to their excuses as to why no one called me back and why no decision was made they did not get back to me with a final decision until the following day, Wednesday at 10 am. That is 25 hours to get an answer to a patient who was in pain while they pondered the very difficult decision of whether or not to give someone with 2 herniated disks, a pinched nerve and 5 bulging disks pain medication instead of the prescription strength Tylenol they gave me on Monday. When I asked for pain medication because I know what works for me, they treated me like I was a drug seeking addict who was in there monthly asking for pain medication when in fact the last time I was in there in need of any pain medication was almost a year ago. Instead they prescribed me some drug that put me to sleep while at work and when I explained that to them and explained to them that over the 10 years I have had this back problem I have functioned well on Percocetand#226;and#128;and#153;s they refused to prescribe what works for me and my body and instead wanted me to spend another $10 on another drug that may or may not have worked instead of giving me what I already knew would work. So, if you want a practice that returns your calls quicker than 25 hours, a doctor who isnand#226;and#128;and#153;t going to treat you like youand#226;and#128;and#153;re asking for heroin when you need pain medication and if you want a doctor who listens to what works for youand#226;and#128;and#166;look elsewhere as Your Doctorand#226;and#128;and#153;s Care doesnand#226;and#128;and#153;t care at all!

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